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Tuck Everlasting Farms


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Breeding for quality pedigrees, brains & instinct, and above all Healthy Border Collies...


Welcome to Tuck Everlasting Farms!
Our dogs are agility, working/herding dogs, and they are a part of our family. Our dogs are kennel trained, but all get time in the house, and time to work and play every day. Every dog here knows basic obedience and some are herding dogs. They also love to play ball and frisbee, go swimming, ride in the truck, and play all over the yard.

We have extensive pedigrees for our dogs. Tuck Everlasting Farms' Border Collies have outstanding bloodlines with many Imported and Champion Herding dogs in their lines. Some have Sires or Dams from Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and England.

Our puppies are born and raised underfoot. They are dewormed starting at three weeks of age and then every two weeks thereafter. First shots and vet check is done at six weeks. Puppies are ready for their new homes at six to twelve weeks of age. All puppies are sold with a written health guarantee.         

 Our puppies are ABCA and AKC registered. We like to see our puppies go to working homes, but sometimes we have puppies that will fit into a companion home situation. 

Occasionally we have older pups or started dogs available.

We hope that you have enjoyed visiting our site and want to thank you for taking the time to stop by. Please feel free to call or e-mail for pictures, pedigrees, or additional information.

About our dogs:

All of our dogs come from excellent working lines. Lines include ##Wisp, #Dryden Joe, @@Imp.Dale, *##Imp. Nan, ##Spot, ##Imp.Craig, and ##Zac.

If our dogs are old enough to be started, their instinct prepares them for the work. All dogs in our breeding program work, or are at least started on sheep. Our main focus in breeding is to produce sound, healthy working dogs. We breed to produce dogs free of Dysplasia(HD), CEA, PRA, OCD, HOD, and other common health disorders within the breed. 

Our dogs are not only excellent working dogs, but are supurb family pets. Females are in the house, and males get rotational time indoors as well; depending on if they have recently bred a female or if a female is in season. Since we keep the dogs in the house they are not only well socialized with people, but with loud noises; like blenders and vacuums. They enjoy it in the house, and the company of each-other! 

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