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Tuck Everlasting Farms - Chihuahuas

Lily Pearl

Lily Pearl
Breed Standard
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Lilly is daddy's little girl!
She is a nice compact little dog. She has very unique markings. She has a chocolate spot over her right ear, with brindling on her face and fringed on her chocolate ears, and tan points to top it all off!
She is a total love bug and craves attention.
She is a lap dog to boot but just as agile as the Border Collie's in the agility field. She loves to jump and is quick on her feet. She enjoys the company of other dogs and is great in the house. She knows her place on the sofa and loves to sit and watch TV.
She also loves her clothes! She has coats, t-shirts, rain boots/hat, and the list goes on. She likes her clothes and will gladly show them off for you.


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